WPshed Theme Extras

WPshed Theme Extras Custom Sidebars
WPshed Theme Extras Custom Sidebars

With WPshed Theme Extras you’ll have all the powerful premium features that you need packed in a WordPress Plugin. Usually this features are presented in themes but that just lock you down for using a specific theme / design and that is something you don’t want to… Especially when dealing with Custom Post Types, Shortcodes and Widgets. You should be able to make use of your custom Widgets or Post Types even if you decide to switch Theme. Justin Tadlock explain this better then I do.

WPshed Theme Extras – Features

WTE enables you to manage custom sidebars (widget-areas) using a simple drag and drop interface (see here how to integrate this feature into your theme). Once you’re satisfied with the layout of your sidebars, you can start adding one of the widgets listed below (or any other widgets for that matter).

Once you have installed the plugin you will have access to specific features like:

  • Portfolio – Custom Post Type
  • Testimonials – Custom Post Type
  • Slides – Custom Post Type
  • Portfolio – Widget
  • Testimonials – Widget
  • Slides – Widget
  • Featured Posts – Widget
  • Featured Page – Widget
  • User Profile – Widget
  • Services – Widget
  • Price Table – Widget
  • Hero – Widget
  • Image – Widget
  • Call to Action – Widget
  • Social Icons – Widget
  • Grid – Shortcode
  • Buttons – Shortcode
  • Content Box – Shortcode
  • Fade-up effects for Widgets
  • Local-scroll in-page navigation

All this features will be available to you without having to use a specific WordPress Theme. This is the main idea behind the plugin. In fact, you will be able to have premium features in any theme as long as the theme have sidebar widget-areas.

Download WTE Plugin

WPshed Theme Extras + WPshed Themes

Of course the plugin is designed to work flawlessly with our themes. We make use of the 1000-hour head start by Automattic (the company behind WordPress) finest Theme developers and keep our themes lean and according to WordPress standards. WPshed Theme Extras Plugin adds all this premium features without locking-in the user! This is a feature you should look for in all themes especially when theme authors promote their bloatware (unnecessary options) directly related to the theme. WPshed Theme Extras gives you the option also to disable any option you don’t need.

Author: WPshed

I love creating / tweaking WordPress themes and plugins. Glad to see you dropping by!

4 thoughts on “WPshed Theme Extras

  1. Hello Stefan, it looks like a great plugin but I can’t find any reference how it works. I see there are shortcodes but no directions how to use them. For example how to show testimonials and portfolio items.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Alfred, I have answered your question on WP.org forums as well. I planned to release tutorials by next week.

  2. Sir, great plugin but after installing i got an error as : : An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with WordPress.org or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the and no custom post showing like slider, portfolio etc, here is the screenshot: http://prntscr.com/arn0p2
    can you please have a look ? Thank you

    1. Hello Priya, the error is triggered by the connection with wp.org, it has nothing to do with the plugin, by now you should have no error if the connection is back again. Custom post types are not active by default (not everyone needs them). Go to Appearance->Theme Extras and enable / disable CPTs and Widgets. I’ll post a tutorial the next days.


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