WordPress Tutorials: How to Create Static Front Page

WordPress Tutorials: How to Create Static Front Page

This tutorial is referring only to Themes released on WPshed that has a custom Front page template. We will be using the Emerson Pro Theme in this tutorial, but the process is similar in all our Themes.

1. Create a Page to be used as a Front Page
WordPress has built in the feature to use a static page as a Front Page. This is what we’ll be using to create our Front Page. For this, we only need to create a regular page (we will call it Front Page).

2. Set the Front Page Tamplate
Usually the front page is different in terms of styling, things displayed on it, etc. For this we have a special Page Template called Front Page. Select the Front Page Template for your Page.

Note: We highly recommend to create also a page for displaying blog posts. Even if you just build a small company presentation website, a blog / news section is helping you A LOT for search engine optimization (SEO). To add a blog page there is no need for a special Template. You can just simply create a page called Blog (or whatever suits you).

3. Go to Reading Options
Located @ Settings > Reading.

4. Set a static page as a front page
Here you can also set the page for displaying blog posts. Don’t forget to hit the Save Changes button.

5. Add Front Page Sections
The Front Page Template we set earlier has 10 sections where you can pull content from static pages. These pages we call Front Page Sections. You do not have to use all 10 sections of course.

To create a section we simply start a new Page and add content to it as for any other regular page.
Notice how we used short-codes available in our Themes in this section.

6. (optional) Add a Featured Image
If a Featured Image is set, this will be displayed as the section background image. Using this option you can create really nice looking sections.

Note: For all our Themes you can import the demo XML file, containing the Front Page sections as well, or, you can recreate the Front Page sections content from the Theme setup page.

7. Go to the Theme Customizer
Located @ Appearance > Customize.

8. From here go to Theme Options

9. Select Front Page tab

10. Select the Sections (Pages) we have created
Note in the example the background image we have selected as the Page Featured Image.

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