About Us

Here at WPshed we create functional and aesthetically pleasing WordPress Themes. We also create Plugins and try to help out the WordPress community by posting tutorials or code snippets from time to time.

We are so-called advanced WordPress users / developers and what that means is that we strongly believe in the GPL license of WordPress and also strictly follow it’s coding standards. We do believe that this is the main reason why WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet.

So by functional Themes and Plugins we mean stuff that works fast, safely and it’s tested, not bloated with CSS and JavaScript frameworks that even the “developers” don’t understand. Those type of “Multi-Purpose” Themes never show up in the first page of Google. Have you noticed?

But who are WE?

Hello. I’m Stefan. First of all I’m a dad.

I founded WPshed and other WordPress related projects. I love (coding) challenges and make WordPress Themes and Plugins since WP version 1.5.That was when I’ve heard about the “famous five minutes installation” and I said WOW. Yes. You can call me an old-timer. 🙂

I like to say that i have learned the inside-out of WP growing alongside this amazing CMS.


Hello. I’m Gabor. I am a dad too!

I love technology and I came across WordPress after several failures in my live. Since than, WordPress provided the opportunity to turn my blogging passion into a full-time job.

I am also amazed by the community around WordPress. I’d love to give back and share my experience for those who want to change their lives.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide you tools that works for small businesses or individuals who seriously think about generating revenue online or simply have a professional online presence. We make Themes that can be used in real life, not just looks pretty. We put focus on your content, not on a background spinning image. Your message and call to action sells AND of course, your position in search engines, not the flashy images. This cannot be achieved with All In One Themes…

Why do a business online?

“Daddy don’t go!” – while preparing for a business trip

Because 1. You do not want to get the same look from your child (yes, that’s Adeline, my daughter) while knowing that you “sold your soul” to a corporation. 2. Business is moving online. You should be there too. You already purchase must of your stuff online.

Great stuff! Would like to say thanks.

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