Yoast Banner Remover Plugin

Sometimes you just need a distraction free dashboard (or plugin setting page), especially when dealing with client websites. Because of this I've heard lately WordPress developers stating that they cannot use Google Analytics by Yoast plugin and Yoast SEO plugin on their clients website because of the banners on the plugin settings pages and the related questions from their clients.

This simple plugin removes the sidebar banners from the plugin settings pages.

Yoast SEO dashboard with no ads

Yoast SEO dashboard with no ads

Download Yoast Banner Remover

Note: We are NOT saying that you should not buy the premium versions of those plugins or you should not recommend your clients to purchase the products. We are just offering a tool for having a distraction free dashboard if you decide to use the free version of Google Analytics by Yoast and Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

Quick Tip: MAMP Pro – Apache Failed to Start on OS X Yosemite FIX

For those of you who run a local server using MAMP or MAMP Pro to develop WordPress themes or plugins, or just have a local version of your site to test before making any changes on a live environment (which I highly recommend), after installing OS X Yosemite, the application might throw an error stating that it failed to start Apache.

Thers is an easy fix for that. Just go to your Applications -> MAMP -> bin -> apache2 -> bin folder, find envvars file and rename it to _envvars.

You can now start MAMP and there should be no issues starting Apache.

Why should you run a local web server if you are not a developer? You just don't wanna mess with your live site by testing out new themes, styles or plugins. The installation of a local server is simple and you can have a clone of your site locally so you can make sure that any changes you make will not have a negative impact on your website. Don't know how to do it and need a tutorial for this? Just let me know in the comments section below and I'll prepare one for you.


Adding a Custom Theme Settings Customize Page

Adding your own customizer controls to WordPress it's quite easy, especially using my theme customizer framework, however, you might want to add your very own custom settings page and have your theme displayed in the same time similar to the WordPress customize section. Let's see how we can do this!


the output of your custom customize settings page

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Image Upload Widget

I know there are a few widget image upload plugins in the WordPress plugin repository, many of them ok, few of them "strange", using custom upload solutions, but I found that in all I've checked there was no support for the Customize section in WordPress. Which is a shame because we should use more and more this awesome feature in WordPress.

As you can guess, I made one my self and here it is. This is a simple plugin that let's you upload an image in a widget (using the standard WordPress media upload function) and, if you wish you can add a link as well. So you can use it as a banner Ad or to feature something cool on your site.

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WordPress Theme Options Framework

Ever wanted to have a professional looking Theme Options page but it was just too much of a trouble to create one or the available options frameworks seems just too bloated by way too many options that you don't really need? Well, I was in that position several times and have decided to create my own options framework that uses the WordPress Settings API and gives me basic settings that I need by not looking (as a design) from a different world. And I decided to share it with you!

This is how the Theme Options Framework looks like:

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Drag & Drop WordPress Theme based on Startup Famework

wordpress drag and drop startup framework theme

The guys over at designmodo created a very intuitive WordPress Theme build on top of their very successful Startup Framework. The theme is calles Startup Framework for WordPress and lets you easily build a 100% custom page layout via a front-end drag and drop interface and also edit the block contents (text, images, icons, slides, etc) from a front-end inline editor.

Check out the theme here.

Here are some of the theme features:

  • Front-end drag and drop interface builder.
  • Front-end inline content editor.
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Hundreds of custom built page sections for Header, Content, Footer, Pricing Tables, Project Pages, etc

WordPress Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) Security Plugin

You may have heard about the WordPress security issue found out by the guys from Sucuri team. If not, long story short, over 162,000 WordPress sites were used for Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) trough a security whole. The WordPress team knows about the problem but it is not expected to be solved as it’s a default feature of WordPress, they state. WPshed.com is one of the sites that have been hit. You can check out if your site is being used to attack others here.

I wanted to address this issue immediately so I updated WP Sanitize, a security plugin I wrote a long time ago but still using it today. You just need to install and activate the plugin and amongst other security patches and daily database cleanup, the current DDoS problem is solved as well.

Click here to download the plugin.

Please note that the above link will be updated. Why?

This plugin is part of the assets I've sold together with VibeThemes.com so at this point they are the official owners of the plugin. I've sent them an email with the update for the DDoS security patch and I'm sure they will update the official WordPress repository where the plugin is hosted. Until then, I highly recommend you to update your version to this one or install the plugin if you don't have it installed yet.

Speaking of VibeThemes.com, I know for a fact that they are like me, beside the site design, very interested in speed and security which as you can see, it is a very important factor for your website success. Check out their themes here.

Note to ones I manage their websites. Because you are awesome and chosen wisely, your websites are already protected from this DDoS security whole so you don't have to do anything πŸ˜‰

Control Each Post in the WordPress Loop

The Loop is PHP code used by WordPress to display posts. It is how the loop is described in the WordPress Codex. Any HTML or PHP code in the Loop will be processed on each post, it is also stated in the same page. But is this 100% true? Do all posts need to look the same or have the exact same elements in the loop? No it doesn't. And in fact, any custom HTML or PHP can be rendered individually in the loop quite simple.

But why would you want to do this? Let's say you want to display an advertisement (an Adsense Ad for example) only after the third post in the loop. Or, you want to have a custom featured image for the first post, a different image size for the second and third post and, another image size for the rest of the posts. This is what I did in this WordPress theme. Of course, each type of posts have custom HTML IDs and different CSS styling. Continue reading